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Problem: You just received your monthly copy of the organization's newsletter.  You've got mixed emotions as you read through it.  While the organizational and individual wins are significant, it becomes clear that the writing has become a monthly monotonous chore - the formatting does not reflect the brand image that you hold dear and the people whose achievements rightfully deserve to be recognized are not being represented well...but you hold your tongue and remind yourself - "Who has time to write and format newsletters?"  


As the months progress, you notice that many of your forms, communications, letterheads and templates have fallen into similar disrepair.  Your logos are dated, your trademarked material used improperly and without permission.  It occurs to you that, in general, you could use a creative update and fresh face to return your precious brand to the glory that you've worked so hard over the years for it to have earned.

Solution: EmTeeGee has Graphic Design, Branding, Visual Communications and Communication Design capabilities at your service.  Whether its freshening your Letterhead or designing an end to end Comprehensive Communications Campaign to fully align your organization, EmTeeGee can provide you the tools, artistry and print expertise to differentiate your brand and align your workforce.


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