The World Just Changed...

Did You?

Facilitated Design Sessions

Like no other time in our history — and in the blink of an eye —  The World Changed.  How we interact — How we work — The risks we face. All of it changed.  Everything…..  


Will you adapt?  Will your business?  Do you know how?  Do you have a plan?


The ability of organizations to address these new realities, adapt to the changing conditions, and deliver bold change is absolutely critical to gain competitive advantage — and for business continuity.  In a short period of time, your staff will begin returning to work.  Those that you depend on to deliver business results will return to their former systems and processes with scar tissue that will affect everything they do — are you ready?


Now, more than ever, organizational leadership needs to thoughtfully prepare an adaptable plan for the New well as the next New Normal.  Business realities such as health and safety, creating structure in remote work environments, recovering lost productivity and risk & resilience have never been more topical.  

EmTeeGee can help.


EmTeeGee Partners are experts in delivering structured, facilitated, strategic design sessions to enable your leadership team’s forward planning. Our fast-paced sessions are focused on solving the unique challenges confronting our clients — in a cost efficient and convenient method.

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Thought Starters

The New Employment Compact: 

The Battle to Attract and Retain Talent in the wake of


Institutional Learnings from COVID-19: 

Learnings, Policies and Bringing Structure to a Remote Workplace

Financial Recovery & Value Maximization:

Optimizing the Cost of Capital and Aligning Cost Structures in the New Normal

Return to Work: 

Health, Safety and Structure in the Workplace

Recovering Productivity: 

Rebooting 2020's Critical Priorities

CyberSecurity in the Remote Workplace: 

Risk Management and Intellectual Property Protection at Home

Readiness & Organizational Resilience:

Forward Planning for the NEXT New Normal

- Cost Effective - Convenient

- Personalized to Your Organization's Needs

- Professionally Facilitated - Structured use of Design Thinking

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