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Learning & Development

Problem: A company in growth mode has some solid employees that they would like to invest in and develop enhanced capabilities in their given field.  The company has no formal Learning and Development Department – quite frankly, it’s a luxury that they can’t possibly afford – even their meager HR Department is oversubscribed.

Solution? The employee’s managers go to the training catalogue that was recently received in the mail – or, they Google a few online course options.  Said employees sign up for functional skills enhancement classes – likely in a nice location like Denver in March or San Francisco in….well…anytime and off your high potential employees go for 3 days on full expenses.  

When they return with a great tan from either location looking relaxed and ready, their manager asks them what they learned and what they can apply to their current role to help get the

organization to the next level?  The answer usually sounds something like this; “it was a great 3 day seminar filled with networking dinners and skills based group activities.  There were a few good takeaways but there wasn’t a lot that applied directly to my specific functional role.”

The employee’s manager approves an Expense Report for $5,500… Does this sound familiar?

Solution: EmTeeGee Partners develops custom, high quality learning and development solutions specifically designed for your company’s needs.  The training that we develop is role-based and directly applicable to the needs of the organization.


Training development is not complex.  What is complex is the process of discovery needed to make sure that what is developed is the right training.  Our specialists will partner with your organization to construct a thorough Impact Map© and Learning Journey© which will identify the needs of individual critical roles, document tasks and subtasks that are in need of learning support, and provide a robust role-based learning & development curriculum.


Development is not complex but it can be expensive.  Before you invest in costly solutions, (or what you think are solutions) our specialists will take the time to assess your role-based training needs.  EmTeeGee’s solution experts will then partner with your organization to develop the right content using the most effective delivery method to provide a scalable, repeatable cost efficient solution that provides your organization concrete business results.


Contact us today for a consultation!  

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