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Organizational Culture Change & Optimization

Problem: You just completed your merger and the leadership teams are in a political arm-wrestling match spending all their energy on posturing.  Meeting after meeting, passive aggression, finger pointing, no calculated risk taking, dependence on you to make every minor decision and a refusal to assume accountability for anything other than obvious successes…

….or maybe the company has been through some consecutive rough quarters and the team is gutted…It was horrible to have to lay off some influential members of the team but now that the company is in recovery mode, you still suffer with cynicism and poor leadership from middle management whom you once thought were future leaders… 

….you just can’t seem to keep talent.  The new hires that you hire don’t stay and the longer

term talent that you grew and invested in for years are leaving.  Your leadership team tells you that it’s not a money issue, but the slow bleed of talent isn’t slowing and worse yet is turning into a trend. 

Organizational Culture is an ethereal subject…something that is more “feel than real.”  With all the priorities in need of capital investment, how do leaders possibly justify investing valuable resource in something that is difficult to measure and has no guarantee of success?

…yet, despite the fact that by any measure of business metrics you should be flourishing, you and the team continue to struggle…

Solution: EmTeeGee Partners understands your concern.  Our Founding Partner has written extensively on organizational culture, its drivers and its impact…Culture is our passion.  More importantly, EmTeeGee Partners has extensive practical experience in tangible, measurable tactics to turn your culture to a strategic advantage.

Alignment, accountability and sustainability are the trinity of business results.  EmTeeGee Partners can quickly assess your organization’s needs then develop and deliver a custom solution that will yield immediate measurable results. 

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