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Strategic Workforce Planning & Risk Mitigation

Problem: Small and mid sized businesses in growth mode often find themselves hitting plateaus that seem unending.  These barriers to growth are not a function of cash flow, business development or even profitability. No, these companies hit the "human wall" which is far more difficult to break through than any business metric because the variables of human performance are infinite.

How do small to mid-sized companies retain and enhance the talent they have cultivated when they are unable to offer the pay grades of their larger competitors? How do growth companies harness the innovation in their employees to enable true business transformation? EmTeeGee Partners was founded to help our partners solve this riddle.

The myth that good employees leave great companies solely for a larger paycheck is just that -

a myth. Employees leave because they don't see opportunity - in whatever form that takes for them personally. Opportunity for advancement, personal growth, new approaches to problem solving, work life balance, flexibility or appreciation.  


Solution: EmTeeGee Partners focuses on the Human Side of the Enterprise to ensure that our partners identify, empower and develop their most valuable asset, their employees. Attrition is a fact of life in corporations but how it is managed is what matters.  Our partners are committed to help fight negative attrition by assisting with workforce planning, "designing" for the future, learning and development of critical skills, optimizing and documenting business processes.

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