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Our Story

EmTeeGee Partners was founded on the premise that people are an enterprise's greatest asset. 


We are passionate about our mission gained from over 25 years practical corporate experience in Organizational Change Management (OCM), Learning and Development and Culture Change initiatives in Europe, the Middle East and North America.  


Organizations, large and small, struggle to unleash Innovation, Accountability and Business Transformation opportunities.  Whether the cause is Culture, Employee Learning and Development, Attrition, Knowledge Transfer, Organizational Structure or Management; most organizations lack the ability to strategically elicit the very best of their employee's talent.


EmTeeGee works in partnership with our clients to: 

  • Strengthen employee functional skills through targeted Role-Based Training  


  • Manage change and encourage Business Transformative opportunities associated with systems or process changes through the structured discipline of Organizational Change Management  


  • Reduce risk associated with attrition by documenting critical job tasks, desk-top procedures, job element sheets and business processes to enable smooth Knowledge Transfer  


  • Identify and develop a Strategic Workforce Plan that maximizes the ROI associated with the retention of home grown talent  


  • Create and nourish an Organizational Culture that yields Strategic Innovation, Collaboration, Teamwork and Competitive Business Results


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Our Mission
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