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Learning & Development

EmTeeGee Partners develops custom, high-quality learning and development solutions specifically designed for your company.  Each curriculum developed is role-based and directly applicable to the needs of the organization and/or given project. 


With over 20 years of Instructional and Curriculum Design experience, we provide leadership and direction with instructional delivery including TTT (Train-the-Trainer) models… and the integration of tools and technologies to deliver optimal educational experiences associated with large-scale transformational systems change.


The discovery needed to ensure that the right training is developed is complex. Our specialists will partner with your organization to construct a thorough Impact Map© and Learning Journey© which will identify the needs of individual critical roles, document tasks and subtasks that are in need of learning support and provide a robust role-based learning & development curriculum to support a successful project launch.

As experts in training methodologies, instructional design, adult learning concepts and enabling change, each curriculum is intentionally designed to be in alignment with organizational priorities that drive business growth.

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