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How We Partner With system integrators

SIs and IT organizations are specifically charged with managing systems, systems architecture, and transformational implementations, not people. However, techs ignore the people side of the enterprise at their own peril. When organizational stakeholders (at any level) are not engaged or educated about their future state, they rebel…

EmTeeGee can help. 

Business Users Are Your Client.png

Who is your end client?

Changing your mindset on who the "client" is can drastically effect the overall success of a project. 

Highlighting Project Successes

Too often our clients are led to focus on the many challenges associated with a complex integration - But aren't there also major wins along the way? Highlighting wins is necessary for your brand...Perception is Reality - make sure your client knows the great work your team is doing on their behalf. OCM can help.

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Being practical to save you money.jpg

Investing in the Business End User

Practical training collateral is an investment in client success.  Don’t leave user adoption and performance to chance.

Business Transformation Starts With the End User

Change management is a driving force for innovation.  When the business end user truly understands the new system and how it works, that knowledge not only brings acceptance of the project itself but propels the organization's overall performance. 

Teaching users the system to transform the org.jpg
9 Hesitancy and scalibility.jpg

A Scalable, cost effective approach

Every transformation project needs change management – however, not all projects need the same approach.


A scaled and practical approach to OCM benefits your project and your budget.

Change Agents & SuperUsers Are Crucial to your project

Building a robust support network is crucial for project success. Change Agents and SuperUsers offer invaluable assistance to end users, providing not only essential information but also a sense of familiarity and reliability.

Change agents and super users.jpg
8 Punching up on your competition.jpg

Staying Competitive in the Market

To thrive in this dynamic environment, it's crucial for mid-size systems integrators to offer a comprehensive suite of services.


That's where EmTeeGee can help by stepping in as your change management arm,  allowing you to level the playing field and punch up your capabilities.

The Vital Role of Change Management

Incorporating Change Management is a success imperative for any ERP implementation project. Engaging Organizational Leadership and Business Users ensures seamless adoption and an enhanced user experience.

Every project is better with change mana
Separating change management loses your bid.jpg

Elevating Proposals through Change Management Integration

Incorporating Change Management not only enhances a proposal by offering clients a comprehensive suite of services in a single bid but it also levels the playing field for integration firms competing against larger firms. 

User engagement is a critical pillar to project success

Strategic, early user engagement will quell anxiety and drive alignment - enhancing the brand perception of technical teams.

7 User engagement for brand protection.jpg
Branding projects.jpg

The Impact of Branding on Business Transformation Initiatives 

Enhanced communication techniques help stakeholders quickly organize and prioritize important information. Lite Project Branding distinguishes your transformation effort, fostering a unique identity, building a community, and emphasizing critical project initiatives. 

Easing the Transition amidst system changes

Balancing an optimistic vision for the future with a realistic acknowledgment of the challenges helps sustain team morale and performance during tough times.

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