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Organizational Change Management in Support of ERP Launches

Problem: So congrats - your company has committed to strategically transform by implementing or upgrading its capabilities and integration with an ERP software product such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft…

 A project team is assembled, gathering your team’s best and brightest internal resources to either implement internally or to partner with an expensive big public consulting firm to implement the software.  Costs are high, timelines seem long, nerves are frazzled, conflict is high and you begin to wonder if the future state of perfection that you’ve been assured will make this entire process worth the wait will ever really come.

It occurs to you that all these tech types are working toward an implementation date but you are increasingly concerned that once the new “Ferrari” is delivered, will anyone on your

team really know how to operate it?  You’ve seen a few screens from SAP and you can see that the system that is being designed is complex and the environment that you will be asking your employees to flourish in is anything but intuitive.  The consulting firm has shown you extensive Powerpoint decks full of training and they assure you that they will be sufficient to get your employees up and running.  They just don’t seem concerned….and yet the more you consider all that is on the line with this launch, you don’t feel assured at all…You’re concerned, highly concerned – and rightly so…


Solution: EmTeeGee Partners was founded by a team who lived and breathed some of the biggest ERP installations in corporate America.  The inconvenient truth that is common to all launches of ERP systems is that the End Users, the people who will be left to run the system, are involved, trained and supported at far too late in the process for them to be considered successful.

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is the process of assessing, engaging, training and mapping employees to their new environment.  It is a combination of humanistic and highly technical tactics that requires intense discipline if your launch is to be successful.

With any new system launch, your short term goal is to immediately recover lost productivity due to systems change so that you can stabilize systems and move on to the ultimate reason you invested all that time, resource and aggravation in the system in the first place; Innovation.  Before you get there, you will need to engage and train your employees like never before.  Finally, in the aftermath of system go-live wouldn’t you prefer that the first line of user support be located within your existing staff instead of calling an expensive and ineffectual 1-800 support number whose representatives might be 15,000 miles away?  


EmTeeGee Partners specializes in the discipline of Change Management associated with systems change.  Our process of assessing organizational needs, engaging and activating super users, documenting and developing training of end-user roles and ultimately mapping them to the transactions that they will perform ensuring segregation of duties and access is critical for your launch to be successful. 

Ask nearly anyone who has launched a large scale systems change what the critical success (or failure) factors were and they will almost universally answer that we should have paid more attention to the Change Management and end user preparation activities earlier and more systematically.

EmTeeGee’s specialists have extensive experience with ERP system launches of all sizes and scopes.  Our network of experienced professionals will integrate with your team to ensure a smooth transition to your new system.  Let the IT professionals do what they do best and take on the bits and bytes - but don’t you dare trust the same systems methodological approach with your most valuable asset – the stakes are just too high…

Contact EmTeeGee Partners for a consultation…It's that important…   

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