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Business is constantly evolving. Organizations spend millions of dollars on new technology to update their existing architecture in order to meet the evolving business requirements. These system changes can be complex and the integration required can cause chaos if not properly managed. For a project to succeed, all users must feel a sense of ownership in that success. Partnering with System Integrators and IT Departments, EmTeeGee Partners specializes in the discipline of Change Management associated with systems change. With the use of standard and unorthodox methods, our team designs communication plans and training programs that fully invest and prepare end-users for a successful launch.



EmTeeGee Partners develops custom, high quality learning and development solutions specifically designed for your company’s needs. Our solution experts will ensure the custom curriculum is then delivered using an effective delivery method to provide a scalable, repeatable, cost efficient solution that provides your organization with

concrete business results.



At the core of the Design Thinking process is the fundamental question: “How might we...?” This open and collaborative inquiry, together with the structured problem solving process that follows, unleashes actionable insights and solutions to address complex business problems while building a culture of innovation and collaboration. Our fast-paced sessions are focused on solving the unique challenges confronting our clients — in a cost efficient and convenient method.



EmTeeGee Partners is an experienced people oriented business services firm that partners with our clients to develop custom Learning and Development, Change Management (OCM), Workforce Planning and Business Transformation solutions. 


System Integrations and/or launches can be a difficult process when the end-user is not aligned with the overall goal.


At EmTeeGee, we partner with Tech, Software, SI Firms & IT teams to deliver Organizational Change Management programs that turn clients & stakeholders into advocates - and position your firm as the IT Team that is known for flawless deployments.


Our scalable approach to Change Management (OCM) enhances user acceptance, reduces fear and aligns stakeholders. What results for our SI & IT Team Partners is superior delivery, profitability, brand equity and referrals.

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